Hi there! 👋

Welcome to the unofficial reolink camera api 😄

We hope that this documentation site will help you in your endeavour of building nice tools on top of our libraries. We are hoping to build a set of tools and software that would help you out in your hobby/work/curiosity.

The work presented here has all been open sourced and will stay open source. It all started with a little side project reolink-python-api in the hopes that it would reach and help others' out there. This certainly came true and now I intend to expand the project into multiple components, spanning (currently) two different languages, namely golang and python.

With the support of Reolink (yes the company) and Oleaintueri (my organiation) I will hopefully give some open source solutions to the problems faced in the community currently.



Oleaintueri is sponsoring the development and maintenance of these projects within their organisation.