Getting Started


If go get is not working for you, please check out this amazing post about GO111MODULE=ON here.

Using go get

GO111MODULE=on go get[email protected]

A Specific version using @v0.x.x

GO111MODULE=on go get -u[email protected]

From source

mkdir -p src/
cd src/
git clone


Implement a “Camera” object by passing it an IP address, Username and Password. By instantiating the object, it will try retrieve a login token from the Reolink Camera. This token is necessary to interact with the Camera using other commands.

import ""

// This can throw an error due to the API trying to authorise with the camera
// to retrieve the necessary token for future requests.
camera, err := pkg.NewCamera("foo", "bar", "")

// now call any of the supported api's by passing it it's resthandler
ok, err := camera.FormatHdd(0)(camera.RestHandler)